15 July 2013

Book review: Blackbirds

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig, Angry Robot 2012.

Chuck Wendig is nominated for the Campbell Award for best new writer. It's not a Hugo, but it's on the same ballot.

Miriam can see people's deaths when she touches them. She's started attending people's deaths to watch as they happen and keeping a diary. She doesn't think she can change fate, because she tried once and it was horrible.

She meets a man named Louis, whose death is impending and horrible, and she is intrigued when he calls her name as he's about to die, like he sees her off stage. Then she meets up with a man named Ashley, and she ends up involved in something far more complicated than she realizes. He blackmails her because of the diary, but he's on the run from some scary-ass people.

This book was rather darker and more unpleasant than I typically enjoy. The story was compelling and interesting, so I kept reading anyway. I've read a lot of Wendig's blog posts and found them entertainingly profane (profanely entertaining?). The dry, dark wit evident in his blog is woven throughout the book.

If you like dark stories, you might enjoy this book.

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