24 June 2013

The 2 Hugo novels I'd already read and one I may not

After Deadline was nominated last year, I had to read the rest of the series. I had to find out what happened. So I've already read Blackout. I didn't review it at the time, but I thought it was a very interesting, compelling story, with parallels to the present-day US security regime. It wasn't just about zombies. It was about what people in power will do to maintain their power and how they will lie and even kill people to do that. A++, would read again.

I enjoyed the hell out of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance when I read it around Christmas. It started out as a romance story and then turned into a heist caper. It was great fun--I even read it twice!

I don't know if I'm going to read 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson. His publisher sent the file as a password-protected pdf, and I can't read it on my Kobo Touch. I can put it on the device, but I can't open it. The error message is "we can't verify that you own this file," and it doesn't prompt me for a password, just tells me to make sure I am signed into Adobe Digital Editions. So I think, hey maybe I can add it through ADE, so I copy the file into ADE, and that tells me they don't support password-protected pdfs. *sigh* Thank you, Orbit.

I can open it on my computer, but I really don't want to read an entire long-ass novel on my laptop. I have an e-reader for a reason. If I decide I care enough, I might swing by the library and see if they have a copy that doesn't require me reading it on a tiny, back-lit laptop screen. (Too much back-lighting can make my head hurt.)

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