25 June 2012

Book review: Regenesis

Regenesis, by CJ Cherryh, 2009

This book picks up right where Cyteen left off, and it doesn't really give any refreshers. Ari II is coming into her own at Reseune, dealing with the politics and betrayals and interpersonal shenanigans left over.

Like Cyteen, this book considers the question "what would happen if we could engineer psychology along with genetics?" Like many other novels by Cherryh, there is also a lot of political intrigue, backstabbing, etc.

It wraps up many of the questions left in Cyteen, but I didn't find the ending as satisfying as I wanted it to be. There's very little denouement, but at nearly 600 pages, I'm not sure there's space for more.

If you enjoyed Cyteen and you want to know what happens to Ari II, you'll find out in Regenesis. I wouldn't recommend this to someone without any other familiarity with the Alliance-Union universe, however.


Karen said...

I love all Cherryh, fantasy and space sagas. I waited so long for Regenisis that I had to reread Cyteen to get back on the page but it was worth it. I don't know of another Sci Fi writer who manages to present both alien and the familiar with such intelligence and yet plot to keep you reading. My all time favorite is Forty Thousand in Gehenna. I agree that reading Regensis without the 'historical' background of the Alliance series would be a tough going.

CD Covington said...

*nods* I mainlined the entire Foreigner series earlier this year to coincide with the release of book 12 in paperback, which meant I could finally read the 4th trilogy. They're so dense, and I have trouble remembering what was going on.

I also really liked 40K. I recommend it to people a lot.