03 March 2011

Samsung: on my anti-rec list.

As you may recall, I bought a Samsung Captivate last August. I went with this phone in part because I don't like the iPhone, and I wanted an Android phone. The Android selection on AT&T was fairly awful until the Captivate came out, and the non-Captivate selection is still pretty bad. (AT&T wants you to buy the iPhone, of course!)

I was pleased with the phone, even when it began exhibiting the random shutdown bug. I got it replaced for a second one, and when that one had an even worse variant of the shutdown bug (it wouldn't stay on while in idle for FIVE MINUTES), I swapped it for a third (which, to date, hasn't shut itself off).

It's still running Android 2.1 Eclair (while other phones are on 2.3, and 2.4 is already rumored). When the Froyo update was finally released last week, I was excited...until I found out you could only install it using their proprietary Windows-only software. Like this user, I'm a Mac user. Exclusively. There are no functional computers running a modern Windows operating system in the entire house. (My ca 2001 Sony Vaio laptop ran WinXP, except it quit working around 2007. The power supply seems to have disconnected from the hard disk. That's when I got the MacBook I'm writing this post on.)

I contacted @galaxyssupport on twitter and asked if there's any plans to stop excluding their customers who use Mac. The answer's no. Through them I got a way to send email to customer "support," and I detailed my complaint regarding the Kies software and my Mac, and stated that, because of this, I will never purchase another Samsung product again. Here's their response.
Dear Conni,
Thank you for your inquiry. We understand your distress concerning the Froyo update but unfortunately, the software of the captivate is intended for windows software.
We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your continued interest in Samsung products.
Technical Support

I'm so thrilled that they actually read my email. I'm not "distressed;" I'm angry.

I would like to point out at this time that nowhere on the box my phone came in does it state that Windows software is required to update the phone's software. Nowhere does it state that Kies is Windows-only. (Kies is their backup-to-PC program.) I can mount my phone to my Mac as an external drive. I can use the bluetooth in the phone to talk to the bluetooth on my Mac. I can pop an SD card into the phone and manually copy things to it, pop it out, and pop it into my Mac.

Thanks to the wonderful people at AT&T, sideloading the update (by copying it to said SD card and installing it that way) is impossible. They blocked it when they added their proprietary bloatware.

Thanks to the amount of sheer nonsense and lack of Mac support, I can no longer recommend Samsung phones to anyone who asks my opinion on them, and I will in fact recommend them to get anything but a Samsung phone. I will also never purchase any other Samsung products, from TVs to DVD players to other consumer electronics.


Kate @ Candlemark said...

That is purely ridiculous. I can't even imagine not having a Mac version in this day and age - especially when dealing with a mobile OS that is not Windows based like Android. Grar.

Conni said...

I KNOW! It's ridiculous >:-[

I've sent @galaxyssupport the link to this post, and I sent customer "support" another email.

In other wonderful news, the survey at the end of the email I received asking me to rate the response, from satisfied to unsatisfied, returns an error every time I click on "unsatisfied."