25 November 2009

Book review: Flower of Life

Flower of Life, Fumi Yoshinaga. DMP books, 4 vols. (Amazon)

You may remember my pair of posts from September on Yoshinaga's Oo-oku (a new volume comes out in early December, and I'm excited!)

Flower of Life is a high school story, mostly comedy but with an aspect of drama. Main character Harutaro Hanazono starts high school a month late because he had leukemia. He befriends a semi-outcast chubby kid named Shota and a manga freak named Majima. Majima is president of the manga club, and Harutaro likes drawing, so he joins. There's a couple girls in the club, and the five of them become friends. In some respects, it's like Genshiken in high school. (Side note: Genshiken is funny because it's true. I should probably write about that at some point, too.)

It seems like a typical slice of life story, but interwoven is Harutaro's family drama. Because of his leukemia, his family treats him like he's fragile, though his sunny disposition keeps him from noticing. There's a reason for that, but it's not disclosed until volume 4, so I'll not spoil that for you.

Yoshinaga is one of the few mangaka whose works I'll pick up just for existing. I love them.

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