06 January 2009

More on Kushiel's Dart

I'm more interested in the book, now that it's gone from being focused on this pampered courtesan and her self-absorbed whining to having some action, but it's still got a lot of self-absorbed whining from the pampered courtesan.

When you're reading about these barbarian tribes planning to invade the protagonist's country, and you want them to win, because of the protagonist's arrogant national chauvinism, the writer's doing it wrong.

When you burst into laughter reading this "brilliant" poem by the man who would have been the King's Poet except for a little controversy, because it's so trite and silly, the writer's doing it wrong.

Unless I'm completely missing the point, and the narrator of Kushiel's Dart is supposed to be someone you hate rather than identify with, and Terre d'Ange is supposed to evoke feelings of annoyance at their pretentiousness. Because if that was the goal, Jacqueline Carey succeeded brilliantly.

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