10 January 2009

Finished Kushiel's Dart, finally.

It got more interesting once the plot got off the ground and the writer introduced characters I didn't want to kick in the shins. The prose was still tedious and overwritten and florid, but there was finally a story in there! Some action! And things happening! But it still didn't suck me in and make me want to go out and read the rest.

I think I finally understand what people who can't get into Tolkien are talking about -- and his writing is less convoluted, even if he spends an entire page describing the history of a particular hill. Seriously, since I read LOTR in my formative years (I think I was 8 or 9 the first time I read it), you'd think the dense, detailed descriptive passages wouldn't bother me, but there's just something about the writing in KD that makes my eyes glaze over.

Though I think it's most likely the fact that I can't stand the character who narrates it. Which is a serious hindrance to my enjoyment of the series. I mean, Phedre's kind of a Mary Sue - she's got this awesome ability that no one in generations has had, and she's super hawt, and she's super smart, and she's got the brain to figure shit out before other people do. (Not that she lets the reader know what's going on, mind you.) It's true, she's not perfect, and she screws up mightily a couple times, but she's still pretty Sue-ish.

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